Source code Forking and building

Cloning the repository

Zaluum is hosted on GitHub

mkdir zaluum
cd ide
git checkout devel	

Zaluum uses git submodules to track some dependencies

git submodule init
git submodule update

Preparing the Eclipse IDE

  1. Install Eclipse 3.7.1 Get it »
  2. Install Scala Eclipse plugin 2.0 for Scala 2.9.1 Get it »
  3. Fetch the eclipse repository locally
    cd zaluum
    mkdir zaluum-third
    cd zaluum-third
    If you plan to build executables, it's faster to mirror the entire Eclipse 3.7 site.
    ECLIPSE=/home/user/path-to-eclipse3.7/eclipse ../ide/build-mvn/
    Else, fetch only required dependencies
    ECLIPSE=/home/user/path-to-eclipse3.7/eclipse ../ide/build-mvn/
  4. Switch to a new workspace directory. A sibling of zaluum/ide where you cloned the repo. e.g. zaluum/workspace
  5. Import the following projects: JChart2D nide nide-feature nide-protobuf org.eclipse.jdt.core // XXX inside groovy runtime targetplatform
  6. The first build fails. Stop it. Open targetplatform/ and click set as target plaform XXX local. If an API baseline error shows up, Quick fix it with Ctrl F1 and disable Missing API baseline error, and rebuild.