Downloads Two ways to install

Warning! Zaluum is in Alpha stage. Do not use in production.

Install as a plugin If already have Eclipse

REQUIREMENT You need to have Eclipse 3.7.1 with Java support installed
  1. In Eclipse go to Help→Install new software...
  2. Copy and paste the following URL to the "Work with" text input

  3. Select Zaluum in the list and click Finish

Install Eclipse+Zaluum bundle
If you don't have Eclipse

REQUIREMENT You need to have a Java JDK(+1.5) already installed.
Go to to install a Java JDK.
  1. Select your operating system and architecture
    Os Arch Link
    Windows 32 bits Download v0.8.1
    Windows 64 bits Download v0.8.1
    Mac 32 bits Download v0.8.1
    Mac 64 bits Download v0.8.1
    Linux (GTK) 32 bits Download v0.8.1
    Linux (GTK) 64 bits Download v0.8.1
  2. Decompress the file into any directory.
  3. Run the executable zaluum
NOTE To uninstall just delete the directory